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FJ80/FZJ80 Gauge Cluster Mount


Continuing our push to make Land Cruiser LS Swaps easy, we designed this gauge cluster mount to allow the use of aftermarket gauges that are natively compatible with GM sensors & signals. This greatly reduces the headache with wiring and getting gauge lights to work. No more adapting Toyota Sensors to GM motors.

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Laser Cut flat in the USA, and finished in our shop by our professional fabrication team.

Available as both a blank option for mounting any gauges you’d like, or laser cut for a Dakota Digital HDX-2018 or VHX-2018.

The finish is available as raw steel, to paint to suit.

We like Dakota Digital clusters for conversions and engine swaps, as they offer a diverse ecosystem of adapters, sensors, cruise control modules, and easily programmable modules that make wiring & setup a breeze, especially for a home mechanic. Use of a standalone Holley Terminator X Self-Learning ECM/TCM can reduce the wiring headaches even further. Dakota Digital offers a module that will connect directly with the Holley Terminator ECM and display data.

The Dakota Digital HDX-2018 unit can be programmed to display messages including locker engagement status, 4hi/lo, and additionally show range to empty, 1/4 mile time and many other functions.

1991-1997 80 Series Land Cruiser

Available as:

  • Raw Steel, Blank
  • Raw Steel, Dakota HDX/VHX-2018

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 12 × 16 in