Powerbrake D-Line Disc & Pad Kit



  • A pair of Powerbrake AT-Series high performance slotted discs.
  • Our AT-series discs are cast from a proprietary high-carbon alloy.
  • The AT-Series slot pattern was developed specifically for use on 4×4’s.
  • Discs are the same size as the factory discs and are direct replacement items.
  • An axle set of matched high-performance brake pads.
  • Pads are the same profile as the factory pads and are direct replacement items.
  • Pad compounds have been specifically selected for use on 4×4 vehicles.
  • Comprehensive fitment and bed-in instructions.


  • Discs are cast from a proprietary high carbon cast-iron alloy.
  • Discs are machined to tolerances up to three times tighter than the industry norm.
  • All Powerbrake discs feature our MTR (Max Temperature Recording) system.
  • Proprietary black disc surface coating ensures quicker bed-in and max brake performance.
  • Spiral slots on disc fiction surface clear friction gasses, debris and water.
  • Matched high friction brake pads take the guesswork out of pad selection.
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