REDARC Ultimate Off-Grid Power Kit


The ultimate solar charging kit from REDARC is a 4WDers dream setup for charging larger battery banks (200Ah+)* for those wanting to get off the highway and onto desert roads or setup at remote beaches.

This ultimate off-grid solar charging kit offers everything you need to keep your batteries topped up for a safe journey there and back with cold drinks and fresh food at the ready.

If you’re looking to add a secondary battery to your 4WD or truck setup that will allow you to run things like fridges, inverters and other 110v devices, the RedVision and Manager30 Kit will help to charge your batteries while you’re on the move, and the 190w solar blanket will help harness the sun’s energy to get batteries back to 100% charge when you’re setup at camp.

What’s inside?

This ultimate off-grid solar charging kit has everything you may need to install into your vehicle before taking off on your next great adventure.

These include:

– A RedVision total vehicle management system and 30amp battery management system (TVSMKIT) to monitor, connect and charge your batteries

– A 60amp fuse kit (FK60) required for self-installation

– 2 x battery to fuse cables

– A 190W SunPower solar blanket (SSF1190) to top up those batteries at camp

– A 16ft Anderson cable (SRC0018) so you can put the blanket in the sunshine to gain charge, and park your vehicle under the shade to keep cool

– A 5ft Anderson to bare wire cable (SRC0016) to connect solar to your Manager30

This kit is the perfect for people who are wanting to install their own 4×4 solar ready battery charger to suit their larger battery banks and travel needs.

If you’re unsure of what the best dual battery setup is to suit your vehicle or travel plans, use the REDARC dual battery selector tool or take a look at our remote tourer battery charger kit.

*Check battery specifications for current limits

Turn your truck or RV into the ultimate off-grid tourer with REDARC’s power kit.

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